Through our complete line of process equipment, we approach our business with one goal: providing our clients with the most innovative and cost-effective treatment solutions available.

Veteran Owned and Operated

With our President and Owner Chris McCalib being a former member of the US Navy, we are pleased to announce that we are a Certified WDVA Veterans Owned and Operated Business.  We proudly employee current and former service members.  


Founded in Oregon in 1969, TEC has been serving the West Coast for many years, and we have hundreds of different projects under our belt. We’ve also got some gray hair—our sales team averages over 20 years of experience in the industry.  


We know we’re only as good as our people, and that’s why we’re made up of folks who just plain get it. Sometimes it takes a fair amount of book smarts to help a client solve a problem; other times, being practical and using a good dose of common sense is the best solution. Our people do both, and do both well.

Going Green

With the increased awareness and focus on energy efficiency, water reuse, and carbon footprint, TEC has taken a leadership role in understanding and implementing new technologies that help our clients go green. Whether it’s a turnkey project that reduces a plant’s aeration horsepower by 50%, a design-build membrane project for water reuse, or a co-generation project utilizing digester gas, TEC continues to provide the most advanced and efficient means of treating water and wastewater on the market today.